Peter and Mary Collins (testimonial)

(26.07.08) “As we understand you are always looking for feed-back, here it is: Friday night, the Youth Orchestra, Alan Barnes and Martin Litton – all were great ! (Pity Martin and Alan were on at the same time, but we know this happens !) Saturday – Martin Litton again and Lee Gibson, both first-class, thoroughly enjoyed both. Mike Piggott and Spats in the afternoon, very good, as was the Sporting House Strings on the Sunday morning. It was a shame that Georgia Mancio was on at Marquee 3 – we personally found this a bit of a walk, and leaving there at 11.p.m. was a bit late for us. (Mind you, one of us IS 80 yrs of age and has not been in best of health for the past 12 months or so, but improving greatly !). We both would like to say how much we enjoyed everything we saw and heard. Depending upon the line-up for 2009, we hope to be there. We believe that 2008 was our 7th visit out of the last 10 years, which is not a bad track record (for us, that is, as we also like to do other holidays). Thanks again for all your hard work and organisation.”

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    Abbreviations: (as) alto sax, (b) acoustic bass, (bjo) banjo, (bg) bass guitar, (bs) baritone sax, (cl) clarinet, (ct) cornet, (eg) electric guitar, (flg) flugel horn, (g) guitar, (kb) keyboard, (p) piano, (perc) percussion, (sousa) sousaphone, (t) trumpet, (tr) trombone, (ts) tenor sax, (vtr) valve trombone, (vibes) vibraphone, (viol) violin, (voc) voice.

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